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Voltage Regulators - DVD

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This 56-minute DVD explains the basic theory, operation, and maintenance of voltage regulators. It describes why voltage regulators are needed, how they work, and how they are controlled and adjusted. It also covers how voltage regulators are tested and how they are replaced, when necessary. Covers how to detect improper operation, if that occurs. It describes testing and replacement of voltage regulators when they cannot be repaired in place.

Training Sessions

Voltage Regulator Operation, Part 1 – 6 minutes
Describes the function of a voltage regulator. Identifies the main components that enable an induction voltage regulator to adjust voltage.

Voltage Regulator Operation, Part 2 – 9 minutes
Describes how a step voltage regulator adjusts voltage.

Voltage Regulator Control, Part 1 – 12 minutes
Describes the function of a voltage detector and explains how it works. Describes the function of a line drop compensator and explains how it works.

Voltage Regulator Control, Part 2 – 7 minutes
Describes the function of these components of a voltage regulator: time delay, limit switches, voltage reduction control, and first-house voltage protector.

Field Inspection – 5 minutes
Describes common inspection steps typically performed on a voltage regulator.

Field Control Checks – 10 minutes
Describes control checks for a voltage regulator with solid-state control.

Regulator Replacement – 7 minutes
Describes how to safely remove a voltage regulator from service, and how to safely put a voltage regulator back into service.

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