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This 54-minute video explains the safe use of hand tools and power tools commonly used in line work. Basic principles and safety precautions are emphasized. The use of hot sticks is introduced, with a shotgun stick and a telescoping switch stick as examples. Describes and demonstrates how to safely use hand tools, electric tools, tree trimming tools, and percussion tools.

Training Sessions

Manual Hand Tools, Part 1 – 7 minutes
Describes general uses for knives, hand saw, wire or bolt cutters, and a brace and bit. Compares and contrasts crosscut saws, tree saws, and hacksaws. Compares and contrasts side cutters, bolt cutters, and cable cutters.

Manual Hand Tools, Part 2 – 11 minutes
Describes general uses for wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, compression tools, and digging tools. Compares and contrasts adjustable open-end wrenches, socket wrenches, and box-end ratchet wrenches. Describes how to use a manual compression tool to crimp a connector onto a cable. Discusses general precautions associated with the use of digging tools.

Power Hand Tools – 11 minutes
Describes some of the safety precautions necessary when using power hand tools. Describes a general procedure for using a hydraulic impact wrench. Describes a general procedure for using a gasoline-powered portable capstan.

Tree Trimming Tools – 10 minutes
Identifies several types of tools used for tree trimming. Describes safety procedures associated with the use of tree trimming tools. Describes or demonstrates how saws, pruners, and chippers are used on a tree trimming job.

Hot Sticks – 7 minutes
Describes the construction of a typical hot stick. Describes and demonstrates proper methods for safely using insulated hot sticks. Demonstrates the operation and use of a telescoping disconnect stick, clamp stick, and shotgun stick.

Powder-Actuated Tools – 8 minutes
Describes the basic parts of a typical powder-actuated tool and state the function of each part. Explains how a typical powder-actuated tool is used to make a tap connection.

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