Underground Residential Distribution Systems - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Types of URD Systems
URD System Components
Cables and Terminations
URD Equipment Installation
URD System Maintenance
Equipment Operation
Training Sessions

Types of URD Systems – 11 minutes
Identifies the source of power for a typical URD system. Describes general equipment and design considerations associated with URD systems. Describes the following types of URD system designs: radial feed, loop feed, and double feed.

URD System Components – 10 minutes
Recognizes and identifies various types of URD system equipment. Describes the function of potheads, switchgear, transformers, and protective devices commonly found on URD systems.

Cables and Terminations – 8 minutes
Identifies different types of cable and cable terminators used in URD systems.

URD Equipment Installation – 8 minutes
Describes methods of installing URD cable and URD equipment.

URD System Maintenance – 10 minutes
Describes procedures for checking equipment in an open loop URD system.

Equipment Operation – 10 minutes Demonstrates the flexibility of a URD system by isolating various components of the system without interrupting service to customers.