Underground Cable Elbows (Hubbell Power Systems) - Instant Video



Using cut-in-half elbows, these three videos show the internal construction and functions of loadbreak elbows. Courtesy Hubbell Power Systems. 

Training Sessions

200A Loadbreak Elbow Installation - 5 minutes
What's inside a loadbreak elbow and the function of each component. Using a cut-apart elbow, it shows how a terminated cable is inserted into the elbow and attached to the probe.

Elbow Arrester - 1 minute
Elbow arresters provide protection from lightning and switching surges. Using a cut-apart elbow, this video shows where and how the arrester fits inside an elbow.

200A Integral Seal Loadbreak Elbow - 2 minutes
Shows a loadbreak elbow with a seal that surrounds the cable to prevent moisture from entering the elbow.

Item Code: HUB-UCE-IV

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