Troubleshooting Techniques – Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Meter Complaints
Troubleshooting Single-Phase Meter Installations
Troubleshooting Three-Phase, Self-Contained Meters
Troubleshooting Three-Phase, Transformer-Rated Meter Installations
Training Sessions

Meter Complaints – 10 minutes Describes three common complaints: high-bill complaints, damaged meters, and low- or no-consumption installations.

Troubleshooting Single-Phase Meter Installations – 8 minutes
Describes visual inspections at the meter site, routine voltage checks. Demonstrates how a test fixture and a phantom load can determine if the meter is operating properly.

Troubleshooting Three-Phase, Self-Contained Meters – 8 minutes Describes visual inspections, routine voltage checks. Following logical investigative steps, the technician determines that the demand mechanism motor is defective.

Troubleshooting Three-Phase, Transformer-Rated Meter Installations – 9 minutes
A three-phase meter using current transformers in each phase, is reading low. Using meter test switches, the technician finds one CT is defective.