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Training Sessions

Personal Safety
Electrical Safety
Work Site Safety
Training Sessions

Personal Safety – 10 minutes
Identifies and describes the types of clothing and protective equipment required for transmission line work. Describes how slipping, tripping, and falling hazards can be minimized. Describes how injuries can be avoided while loads are lifted and moved. Explains why attitude is important to working safely.

Electrical Safety – 11 minutes
Defines the following terms: energized, isolated, and de-energized. Describes electrical hazards present in transmission line work and explains why they may be dangerous. Describes how an isolated or de-energized transmission line can present a hazard. Describes a typical procedure for grounding an isolated transmission line.

Work Site Safety – 12 minutes
Identifies and describes general safety procedures that apply to most jobs. Describes steps that can be taken to ensure safety when a job involves climbing transmission structures. Describes steps that can be taken to ensure safety for transmission line work that involves rigging.