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This 52-minute video explains the theory and practice involved in safe use of hot sticks to perform live transmission line repair. Basic safety issues and techniques for the care, selection, and use of hot sticks are presented. The video builds on a basic understanding of how to work on transmission towers and the use of high-voltage rigging techniques to demonstrate replacement of string insulators using hot sticks.

Training Sessions

Introduction to Hot Sticks – 10 minutes
Defines hot sticks. Explains the meanings of potential, safe working distance, and minimum clearance as they apply to hot sticks and hot stick safety. Covers the basic types of hot sticks and hot stick accessories used for transmission line maintenance.

Planning a Job – 8 minutes
Explains the type of planning necessary to perform a job using hot sticks. Explains the purpose of the coating on hot sticks. Demonstrates and explains the basic requirements for inspecting and storing hot sticks.

Insulator Changeout (Suspension) – 10 minutes
Describes a procedure for changing out an insulator string in the suspension position on a spar pole structure. Identifies the types of hot sticks used to change out the insulator string. Identifies safety considerations associated with using hot sticks.

Insulator Changeout (V-String) – 9 minutes
Describes a procedure for changing out a V-string of insulators on a lattice tower. Recognizes the use of basic techniques when using hot sticks to change out a V-string of insulators. Identifies and explains the safety considerations fon this type of job.

Insulator Changeout (Dead-End), Part 1 – 9 minutes
Explains the planning considerations necessary to prepare for changing out a string of dead-end insulators on a lattice tower. Identifies and explains the functions of the basic hot stick equipment needed to perform this type of job. Identifies and explains the considerations for safety on this type of job.

Insulator Changeout (Dead-End), Part 2 – 6 minutes
Explains the major tasks that must be accomplished in order to change out a string of dead-end insulators on a lattice tower. Shows the techniques of using hot sticks to perform these tasks.

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