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Troubleshooting Overhead Lines - DVD

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This 46-minute DVD explains how to go about troubleshooting overhead lines. The importance of patrolling for reliable operation of the lines is discussed, and examples of structure, hardware, conductor, insulator, and obstruction problems are shown. Covers the types of problems to look for when patrolling overhead lines. Explains how to detect structure problems, problems with broken or damaged hardware on a pole or tower, problems with conductors and insulators, and actual or developing obstructions of the lines.

Training Sessions

Introduction to Troubleshooting – 7 minutes
Describes the purpose of troubleshooting. Describes logical steps for troubleshooting an overhead distribution system.

Patrolling – 7 minutes
Describes the purpose of patrolling overhead distribution lines. Identifies common problems to look for when patrolling overhead distribution lines.

Troubleshooting Safety – 5 minutes
Describes the following safety precautions when troubleshooting overhead distribution lines: reporting the location, obtaining clearance or work instructions, confirming information and instructions, knowing the consequences of actions.

Sectionalizing Primary, Part 1 – 8 minutes
Explains when it may be appropriate to close in a line that has tripped open. Describes three ways that a line can be sectionalized.

Sectionalizing Primary, Part 2 – 7 minutes
Describes the principles for locating trouble on a primary line by sectionalizing and energizing portions of the line.

Testing Secondary, Part 1 – 7 minutes
Describes how to locate trouble by testing for voltage at a customer’s meter.

Testing Secondary, Part 2 – 5 minutes
Describes how to locate trouble by testing for power output from a distribution transformer and to a distribution transformer.

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