The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen

The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen is geared towards apprentice lineworkers entering the trade and will continue to serve as a valuable resource throughout their career. The text begins with an overview of the electric power system - how electricity travels from generating stations to customers. Basic concepts of electricity are explained and immediately applied to situations that lineworkers can use in the field. Essential equipment used to distribute electricity are described in detail and well-illustrated. There are complete chapters on conductors and cables, transformers, switchgear, revenue meters, and outdoor lighting. The special tools lineworkers use are described in detail. Bucket trucks and digger derricks are covered. Safety is an emphasis throughout the book. An Instructor Guide in PDF format is available for free upon request.

7-1/2" x 9-1/2" 898 pages, by Wayne Van Soelen

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