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This 52-minute video explains the purposes and functions of the major equipment used in substations and switchyards. Equipment used for protection, regulation, monitoring, and communication is introduced, too. The unit also covers some of the typical checks that are made during an inspection of a switchyard or substation.

Training Sessions

Introduction to Substations and Switchyards – 8 minutes
Identifies the major parts of a transmission and distribution system. Describes the function of a substation. Describes the function of a switchyard.

Substations: Basic Equipment – 8 minutes
Identifies the basic equipment found in substations. Describes the function of the basic equipment in a typical substation. Describes general substation safety considerations.

Substations: Protective Equipment – 9 minutes
Identifies and describes protective equipment typically used in substations.

Substations: Regulation, Monitoring, and Communication Equipment – 9 minutes
Identifies and describes regulation, monitoring, and communication equipment found in substations.

Switchyards – 9 minutes
Identifies basic equipment found in switchyards. Describes how a switchyard is used to rotate power through various circuits.

Switchyard Inspection – 9 minutes
Describes inspection procedures that are performed at the entrance to a switchyard. Lists switchyard conditions typically checked from inside the switchyard control house, and conditions checked during an inspection out in the switchyard.

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Substations and Switchyards - Study Guide
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Substations and Switchyards - Instructor Guide
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