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A battery is a primary component of a substation or switchyard DC control system. The function of the control system is to supply control power to operate critical devices such as protective relays, alarms and status indicators, supervisory and communications equipment, and switchgear operating circuits.
This 33-minute video describes the role of the battery in the DC control system, the components of a lead-acid battery, how a battery works, battery ratings, and general battery inspection steps.

Training Sessions

Substation DC Control System Overview – 5 minutes
Defines a battery and describes its purpose in a typical substation. Identifies the main components of a substation DC control system. Describes a basic DC control system arrangement. Describes the principles of operation for a typical DC control system.

Cell Components and Electrochemical Action – 10 minutes
Lists the basic components of a lead-acid cell. Describes the electrochemical action in a cell that is charging, and a cell that is discharging. Identifies specific physical indications of problems in a cell and explains their causes.

Cell and Battery Ratings – 10 minutes
Describes the voltage rating for a typical cell at full charge and at full discharge. Identifies the voltage for a given fully charged battery. Explains a cell’s capacity rating. Identifies the capacity rating for a given fully charged battery. Defines specific gravity and identifies the specific gravity for a typical fully charged cell. Briefly describes the relationship of cell capacity, voltage, and specific gravity during discharge and during recharge.

Battery Inspection – 8 minutes

Lists the protective equipment and safety precautions typically associated with working on substation batteries. Describes typical visual battery inspection checks. Explains why it is important to keep good battery maintenance records. Describes a typical station battery report form.

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