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SF6 Gas Properties and Handling - Instant Video



Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas has been used for limited applications in electrical equipment for many years. Recently, it has gained increased use as a dielectric and arc quenching medium in a variety of high-voltage applications, including circuit breakers, load-break switches, and substation buses. If SF6 is not handled properly, its dielectric properties can be compromised, which can result in equipment failures. In addition, if not handled properly, SF6 can present certain hazards.
This 35-minute video describes the properties of SF6 and its byproducts, personal protection, safe handling of the gas and its byproducts, and cleanup and disposal of SF6 byproducts.

Training Sessions

Properties of SF6 – 7 minutes
Describes the physical characteristics of SF6. Describes the effects of heat and moisture on SF6. Describes the potential hazards associated with SF6 and its decomposition products.

Personal Protection – 10 minutes
Describes methods for minimizing the creation of SF6 decomposition products. Describes equipment that may protect personnel from exposure to SF6 and its decomposition products. Describes the treatment recommended for personnel exposed to SF6 or its decomposition products.

Handling SF6 Gas and its Decomposition Products – 8 minutes
Describes the generally recommended procedures for removing SF6 gas and solid decomposition products from gas-insulated equipment during routine maintenance or access. Describes generally recommended procedures for removing SF6 gas and solid decomposition products after a fault.

Cleanup – 10 minutes
Describes generally recommended practices for treating and cleaning materials that have come in contact with decomposition products.

Item Code: SF6-IV

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