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This 54-minute video demonstrates how to set a new pole, and two methods of manual replacement of an existing pole. The most common method of setting a pole using power equipment is demonstrated first. Because power equipment may not always be available or may not be able to reach the job site, two manual methods of replacing poles are also demonstrated. Covers how to set a pole using a derrick, how to set a pole in a hole adjacent to an existing pole by rigging off the existing pole, and how to replace a pole with a new pole in the same hole.

Training Sessions

Digging the Hole – 10 minutes
Describes the requirements that should be considered before a hole is dug to set a utility pole. Demonstrates how to dig a hole for a utility pole using a digger derrick, a portable power digger, and manual digging tools.

Pole Setting Using a Derrick – 9 minutes
Describes how a digger derrick can be used to lift and set a utility pole in an open, unobstructed area. Describes how a digger derrick can be used to lift and set a utility pole around energized lines or obstacles.

Manual Pole Setting, Part 1 – 9 minutes

Describes how a pole can be manually set in an open area. Describes how a pole can be manually set in an area that contains obstacles.

Manual Pole Removal – 8 minutes
Describes how an old pole may be safely removed after a replacement pole has been installed and the energized lines have been transferred. Identifies the basic components of a typical hand-operated pole jack and explains how the jack is used.

Manual Pole Setting, Part 2 – 8 minutes
Describes how a utility pole can be set by lifting and supporting it with pikes.

Manual Pole Replacement – 10 minutes
Describes how a replacement utility pole can be set in the same hole as the pole it is replacing by using the “cut and kick” method. Describes some of the rigging considerations associated with using the “cut and kick” method.

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