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Safety in T&D Maintenance - Instant Video



This 58-minute video covers basic safety considerations involved in performing maintenance work on transmission and distribution systems. Specific electrical shock hazards and how to avoid them are discussed. It describes hazards that may be encountered in overhead, underground, and substation and switchyard maintenance work.

Training Sessions

Job Hazards – 12 minutes
Describes the individual’s role in safety. Identifies hazards that may be encountered in T&D work.

Protective Equipment – 8 minutes
Identifies and describes basic clothing and personal safety equipment used in T&D work. Describes personal rubber gear. Describes hot line cover gear used to insulate energized equipment.

Safe Work Practices – 10 minutes
Describes how to perform a pre-use inspection on a bucket truck. Describes how a tailgate session is used to plan a job. Describes how to secure a safe work area at a typical job site.

Overhead Line Maintenance – 9 minutes
Describes how to test a pole before climbing it. Describes how to inspect pole climbing equipment. Describes techniques for climbing a pole. Describes how to apply hot line cover gear by hand and with hot sticks.

Underground Line Maintenance – 9 minutes
Describes how to inspect a manhole. Describes how to test the atmosphere under a manhole cover. Describes how to inspect a padmounted transformer.

Substation and Switchyard Maintenance – 10 minutes
Describes how to inspect a substation. Describes typical preparations that should be carried out before work is done on a circuit breaker. 

Item Code: STD-IV

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