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This 37-minute video points out some of the major safety concerns associated with meter work, and explains how safety hazards can be minimized. The unit examines single-phase and polyphase self-contained meter installations, pointing out where high fault current may be present. Also discusses safety practices associated with working in instrument transformer cabinets, and hazards related to open current transformer secondaries. Describes safety concerns related to bypassing, replacing, and installing self-contained meters.

Training Sessions

Safety Guidelines – 5 minutes
States three basic safety guidelines that apply to meter work.

Physical Hazards – 8 minutes
Identifies physical hazards associated with material handling and associated with conditions at a job site.

Electrical Safety – 9 minutes
Describes the effects of current flow on the human body. Describes the dangers of flash burns. Identifies safety gear normally used for protection against electrical hazards.

Single-Phase Meter Replacement – 8 minutes
Describes safety procedures associated with a typical single-phase replacement job.

Three-Phase Meter Installation – 7 minutes
Describes safety procedures associated with a typical three-phase meter installation job.

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Safety in Meter Work - Study Guide
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Safety in Meter Work - Instructor Guide
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