Safety and Substation Maintenance - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Testing the Grounding System
De-Energizing Equipment
Tips on Testing
Transformer Testing & Maintenance
Switchgear Maintenance
Battery Banks, Capacitor Banks, Security Systems
Training Sessions

Introduction– 4 minutes
The role of substations in electricity distribution. An introduction to basic substation components and the purpose of each. Components include: Disconnects, transformers, switchgear, power factor improvement items, control circuits and their battery backups. Also includes an overview of the substation grounding system.

Testing the Grounding System – 3 minutes
Discusses maintenance schedules for substation grounding systems. Covers five safety considerations when approaching any job. Discusses precautions to take when testing a substation grounding system. Demonstrates two tests of grounding systems.

De-Energizing Equipment – 3 minutes
This section shows how to ground a piece of substation equipment after transferring its load, isolating, and de-energizing it. How to test for backfeed voltages, how to install grounds on a transformer, how to tag isolated equipment.

Tips on Testing – 2 minutes
Useful tips: Be sure you are working on the correct piece of equipment. Mark the area of the substation that is de-energized and where test procedures will take place. Ensure good communication with everyone working in the area, including those not involved in the test. If it is too noisy for auditory communication, be sure everyone understands hand signals that might be given during the test.

Transformer Testing & Maintenance – 4 minutes
Describes transformer components and the tests for each. Demonstrates these tests: Turns ratio test, insulation resistance test, insulation power factor test, oil analysis, gas analysis. Covers safety precautions to observe during maintenance activities including: Vacuum drying insulation, repairing tap changers, repairing connections, repairing insulators, changing oil.

Switchgear Maintenance – 3 minutes
Safety precautions to observe when working on substation circuit breakers, metering equipment, protective relays, and control circuits.

Battery Banks, Capacitor Banks, Security Systems – 3 minutes
Describes the proper clothing and tools when working on battery banks. How to de-energize, short, and ground capacitor banks.