Poletop Equipment and Replacement 2 - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Poletop Capacitors
Troubleshooting Poletop Capacitors
Poletop Capacitor Replacement
Poletop Voltage Regulators
Troubleshooting Poletop Voltage Regulators
Poletop Voltage Regulator Replacement
Training Sessions

Poletop Capacitors – 12 minutes
Describes the basic construction and operation of a typical capacitor used on a distribution feeder. Defines the term power factor and explains how capacitors are used to improve power factor.

Troubleshooting Poletop Capacitors – 10 minutes
Describes the basic parts of a capacitor bank installed on an overhead feeder. Identifies items that should be checked during a visual inspection of a capacitor bank.

Poletop Capacitor Replacement – 8 minutes
Demonstrates how a poletop capacitor bank can be isolated and safely discharged. Demonstrates how a damaged poletop capacitor bank can be safely removed and replaced.

Poletop Voltage Regulators – 13 minutes
Describes the construction and operation of induction voltage regulators and step voltage regulators. Explains the operation of a voltage regulator control circuit.

Troubleshooting Poletop Voltage Regulators – 7 minutes
Describes the basic parts of a step voltage regulator installed on an overhead feeder. Demonstrates how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning step voltage regulator.

Poletop Voltage Regulator Replacement – 9 minutes
Describes one method of safely zeroing and isolating a voltage regulator before changeout. Demonstrates how to safely remove a step voltage regulator from an overhead feeder and install a replacement unit.