Poletop Equipment and Replacement 1 - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Recloser Replacement
Gang-Operated Switch Maintenance
Gang-Operated Switch Replacement
Training Sessions

Introduction– 11 minutes
Describes how fused cutouts, reclosers, and sectionalizers are used to provide coordinated protection for a distribution system. Describes two examples of coordinated system protection.

Cutouts– 10 minutes
Describes how to replace a fuse in a fused cutout. Shows how to safely replace a fused cutout.

Reclosers– 9 minutes
Describes ways that reclosers can be classified. Describes the operating cycles and operation of two types of recloser control mechanisms.

Recloser Replacement – 9 minutes
Describes the tasks involved in safely replacing a recloser. Demonstrates one method of safely de-energizing, rigging, and replacing a three-phase electronic recloser.

Gang-Operated Switch Maintenance – 10 minutes
Describes the basic operation of one type of gang-operated switch. Identifies problems typically associated with gang-operated switches. Demonstrates how to safely inspect and troubleshoot a gang-operated switch.

Gang-Operated Switch Replacement – 7 minutes
Demonstrates a procedure for safely replacing a gang-operated switch.