Overhead Insulators and Crossarms (Hubbell Power Systems) - Instant Video



These videos show how to perform several maintenance tasks on overhead distribution lines, while they are energized. The linemen use hotsticks or rubber gloves for protection. These videos were filmed several years ago, but are still informative. Courtesy Hubbell Power Systems.

Training Sessions

Insulator and Crossarm Changeouts Rubber Gloving from an Aerial Device - 31 minutes
How to change out an insulator and crossarm on a tangent structure. The linemen use rubber gloves for protection and work from a bucket truck.

Hotsticks on 69 kV Post Insulator Construction - 16 minutes
How to use hotsticks to move and maintain conductors on post insulators

Insulator and Crossarm Changeouts by Hotsticking with Wire Tongs Side Method - 27 minutes
How to replace insulators and crossarms using hotsticks and wire tongs.

Insulator or Crossarm Changeout Auxiliary Arm Method - 15 minutes
How to replace an insulator and/or a crossarm by temporarily moving the conductors to an auxiliary crossarm, then back onto the new crossarm and insulators.

Deadend Insulator Changeout Rubber Glove Method - 18 minutes
How to replace a deadend insulator. The linemen use rubber gloves for protection.

Deadend Insulator Changes Using Hotsticks - 17 minutes
How to replace a deadend insulator. The linemen use hotsticks for protection.

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