Making GIS Work for Electric Utilities

Making GIS Work for Electric Utilities shows how to plan and execute a successful installation of GIS. It explains how to use GIS to enhance asset tracking, outage management, engineering analysis, vegetation and right-of-way management, crew management and tracking, vehicle tracking, and automated meter reading. It identifies the specific data required by a GIS system, and how to obtain and maintain that data. It covers in general terms how GIS software functions and how to integrate it with a utility's existing databases. It suggests which tasks to outsource, what to do in-house, and how to staff for GIS. Along the way, it offers many cost-saving tips. This book is more like a consultant's report than a textbook. If you're relatively new to GIS, "hire" this book instead of an expensive private advisor.

8-1/2" x 11" 72 pages, by TVPPA  

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$ 49.95