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This 21-minute DVD covers the tools that allow linemen to work on high voltage energized lines, while maintaining safe distances from those lines. The video describes these tools, how to inspect them, how to properly transport them to the job site, and demonstrates how to use them in two typical live-line jobs.

Training Sessions

Introduction– 5 minutes
A brief history of live line tools. Where and why live line tools must be used. An overview of commonly used live line tools: wire tongs (lift sticks), saddles, lever lifts, tie sticks, link sticks, auxiliary arms.

Maintenance and Testing – 5 minutes
How to maintain, test, and transport line live tools. How to visually inspect these tools before using them. How to prepare the job site. Calculating the forces and weights involved in the job. How to install lever-type and wheel-type pole saddles.

A Typical Live-Line Job – 7 minutes
Step-by-step procedures for using live line tools to change a crossarm, while working from a pole. Demonstrates how to use live line tools to move the neutral, move the side phase conductors, lift the center phase conductor, remove the old crossarm, install the new crossarm, and replace all conductors.

Hot Sticks, Bucket Truck – 4 minutes
Step-by-step procedures for using live line tools to change energized conductors from a crossarm to pole-mounted insulators, while working from a bucket.

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