Ladder Safety - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Ladder Selection
Inspection and Maintenance
Work Area Protection
Ladder Stability
Extension Ladders, Part 1
Extension Ladders, Part 2
Training Sessions

Introduction – 6 minutes
Statistics about ladder accidents. The names of each part of a stepladder, extension ladder. An informative video trip to a ladder manufacturer, to see how ladders are made.

Ladder Selection – 4 minutes
How to choose the right ladder: Size, type, maximum load, material the ladder is made of, special options that might be needed for the job.

Inspection and Maintenance – 3 minutes
What to inspect for, before using a ladder. Damage that can be repaired in the field; damage that can be repaired only by the ladder manufacturer.

Transportation – 3 minutes
The safe way to transport a ladder from the shop to the job site. How to carry an extension ladder, a step ladder. How to get a ladder on, and off a vehicle.

Work Area Protection – 2 minutes
How to direct the public away from the base of a ladder. Working on a ladder in front of a door. Never leave a ladder unattended.

Ladder Stability – 4 minutes
The kickout force analyzed, measured. The "fireman's method" to check for the proper angle of the ladder.

Stepladders – 2 minutes
Special requirements when using a stepladder. Place on a flat surface with all four feet on the floor. Spreader arms fully extended. Only small, light objects on the pail shelf.

Extension Ladders, Part 1 – 3 minutes
The right way to set up an extension ladder. Position the feet. Adjust the fly. Secure the fly rope. Adjust the ladder length for the job. Use the appropriate ladder feet for the surface.

Extension Ladders, Part 2 – 5 minutes
How to use an extension ladder against stranded cable (CATV), against a pole. Ladders in trenches and vaults. Don't climb ladders wearing boots with flat soles. Always maintain 3-point contact. Keep your belt buckle between the side rails. Rescuing a worker from up on a ladder.