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This 43-minute video gives an overall view of electric metering, and an introduction to some of the main subject areas covered in detail in later units. The unit offers a brief history of electric energy measurement, including a simplified look at watthour meter construction and operating principles. Also presents a brief explanation of meter testing and calibration.

Training Sessions

Basic Concepts of Metering – 8 minutes
Identifies several early types of electro-mechanical watthour meters. Identifies the basic parts and describes the operating principles of a modern electro-mechanical watthour meter.

Self-Contained Meter Application – 8 minutes
Explains the difference between self-contained meters and transformer-rated meters. Lists and explains some of the information typically found on watthour meter nameplates. Identifies the characteristics of a typical three-phase delta service and a typical three-phase wye service.

Transformer-Rated Meter Application – 8 minutes
Explains how an instrument transformer is connected to a transformer-rated meter. Identify the two main classifications of instrument transformers. States the function of a test switch.

Meter Testing – 10 minutes

Describes the basic steps for conducting a comparison test on a single-phase watthour meter. Explains the function of a standard and describes how a standard is used to conduct accuracy tests.

Meterman Responsibilities – 9 minutes

Describes some of the tasks and responsibilities commonly associated with being a meterman. Shows some typical installation checks performed by metermen and explains how they are done. Identifies several forms of power theft.

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Introduction to Metering - Study Guide
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