High Voltage Rubber Glove Techniques - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Job Preparation & Vehicle Setup
Contamination Check
Checking Rubber Coverup & Gloves
Do's and Don't's
Installing In-Line Switches
Converting Crossarm to Armless
Training Sessions

Introduction– 5 minutes
A brief history of rubber glove work. How rubber gloves, cover-up, and bucket trucks are tested in the laboratory.

Job Preparation & Vehicle Setup – 5 minutes
Introduces 10 steps for working safely around energized equipment. These steps are organized into 4 categories: pre-planning, equipment preparation, avoiding second point of contact, and teamwork. Also covers vehicle stability, holding valve checks.

Contamination Check – 6 minutes
Cleaning the boom. Checks that ensure the insulated boom does not conduct more than 1 microamp per 1000 volts.

Checking Rubber Coverup & Gloves – 2 minutes
Visual inspections of equipment. Checking test dates, and for signs of mechanical or electrical wear.

Do's and Don't's – 3 minutes
Guidelines for avoiding two points of contact with live equipment and paths to ground. Discusses cover-up, limits of approach, proper equipment handling, and making sure a co-worker is in a safe location.

Installing In-Line Switches – 3 minutes
Step-by-step procedures for installing an in-line switch using live line tools and jumpers.

Converting Crossarm to Armless – 3 minutes
Step-by-step procedures for converting from crossarm to armless construction. How to use cover-up on all conductors, including the underbuild and phase conductors not being worked on.