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This 27-minute DVD covers hand tools and other equipment used for live line maintenance. It describes how tools, equipment, and bucket trucks are tested in the laboratory. It covers field techniques including tailboard meetings, how to ground vehicles, how to check the boom holding valve, how to clean booms and test for current leakage, and how to field-check rubber gloves and cover-up. Includes do’s and don’t's. Includes a demonstration of two typical field jobs.

Training Sessions

Introduction – 5 minutes
A brief history of rubber glove work. How rubber gloves, cover-up, and bucket trucks are tested in the laboratory.

Job Preparation & Vehicle Setup – 5 minutes
Introduces 10 steps for working safely around energized equipment. These steps are organized into 4 categories: pre-planning, equipment preparation, avoiding second point of contact, and teamwork. Also covers vehicle stability, holding valve checks.

Contamination Check – 6 minutes
Cleaning the boom. Checks that ensure the insulated boom does not conduct more than 1 microamp per 1000 volts.

Checking Rubber Coverup & Gloves – 2 minutes
Visual inspections of equipment. Checking test dates, and for signs of mechanical or electrical wear.

Do’s and Don’t’s – 3 minutes
Guidelines for avoiding two points of contact with live equipment and paths to ground. Discusses cover-up, limits of approach, proper equipment handling, and making sure a co-worker is in a safe location.

Installing In-Line Switches – 3 minutes
Step-by-step procedures for installing an in-line switch using live line tools and jumpers.

Converting Crossarm to Armless – 3 minutes
Step-by-step procedures for converting from crossarm to armless construction. How to use cover-up on all conductors, including the underbuild and phase conductors not being worked on. 

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High Voltage Rubber Glove Techniques - Instant Video
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High Voltage Rubber Glove Techniques - DVD
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