Fall Protection Equipment and Inspection - DVD

This video deals with personal fall protection equipment — how to inspect it when first received, and how to inspect, adjust, and care for it on a daily basis. A harness is inspected for cuts, abrasions, burns, chemical damage, and general cleanliness. Inspection points include the webbing, stitching, buckles, soft D-ring attachment, rescue loops, slide-keepers, and labels or tags. For a lanyard, the inspection points include the webbing, stitching, shock absorber, snap hook, rescue loop, length, and labels or tags. Next, a demonstration shows how to pick up a harness and put it on.This video moves quickly and delivers lots of important information. You’ll want to watch it more than once, to get it all.

6 minutes, by Georgia Power

Item Code: FPE-SKL

$ 95.00