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This 51-minute video delivers an overview of safety issues that linemen and other electric utility workers face on the job. Covers safety hazards, system protective devices, switching, tagging, testing circuits for dead, and shows how each procedure prevents injuries to workers and damage to equipment.

Training Sessions
Introduction to Electrical Safety – 7 minutes
Explains why arcs, faults, and the invisibility of electricity can be dangerous. Describes general safety practices that apply to most electrical jobs

Protective Devices – 8 minutes
Explains what a protective device is. Shows how fuses, circuit breakers, and reclosers operate in an electrical system to reduce the dangers created by faults.

Switching and Tagging – 10 minutes
Describes the procedures of switching and tagging. Explains how switching and tagging help protect workers from electrical hazards.

Testing – 10 minutes
Explains why testing for dead is important. Shows how noisy testers, statiscopes, and phasing test sets are used to test de-energized circuits.

Protective Grounding – 9 minutes
Explains what protective grounding is. Shows how a de-energized line can become energized accidentally. Describes the differences between a ground switch and a temporary ground. Demonstrates one way a temporary ground can be installed.

Field Scenario – 7 minutes
Describes how switching, tagging, testing for dead, and grounding can help make lines safe for maintenance and repair work.

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Electrical Safety - Instant Video
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Electrical Safety - Study Guide
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Electrical Safety - Instructor Guide
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