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This 53-minute video explains the principles involved in working on energized lines using insulated gloves. Demonstrates the principles while replacing dead-end crossarms with the lines energized. (For comparison, DLH-DVD shows the same task performed using hot sticks.) Method, communication, concentration, and safety are emphasized throughout the video. Explains how to prepare for a job that will be done using gloves, perform the work safely, and return the job site to a normal condition.

Training Sessions

Rubber Protective Gear – 9 minutes
Describes basic rubber protective equipment used when working on overhead distribution lines. Describes how rubber protective gear is manufactured, sized, and stored.

Care and Inspection of Rubber Gear – 10 minutes
Describes problems to look for when inspecting protective gear. General procedures for inspecting protective gear. How to dielectrically test rubber gloves.

Working Safely – 9 minutes
Demonstrates a procedure for inspecting a bucket truck before use. Describes general guidelines for positioning a bucket truck at a job site. Describes a general procedure for preparing to work on a distribution line using gloves.

Replacing an In-Line Switch – 11 minutes
Describes how to provide a safe work area for an in-line switch replacement job. Describes how to remove and replace an in-line switch. Describes how to remove line cover gear after completing a job.

Tying Phases on a New Pole – 8 minutes
Describes one method of safely tying the energized phases of a distribution feeder on a new armless pole.

Dead-End Insulator Changeout – 9 minutes
Describes one method of safely changing out a dead-end insulator using an insulated platform.

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