Distribution Line Installation and Removal - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Installing the New Line
Energizing and Phasing-In
Removing Existing Line
Training Sessions

Planning– 6 minutes
Describes the basic tasks associated with the installation and removal of a distribution line. Identifies and describes equipment used in distribution line installation and removal.

Safety– 10 minutes
Describes the basic safety considerations associated with the four basic tasks of a distribution line installation and removal job.

Preparation– 5 minutes
Describes a procedure for setting a new pole. Describes a procedure for reconstructing an existing pole.

Installing the New Line – 10 minutes
Demonstrates how to set up a puller and a tensioner. Describes how to pull in a pilot line, a bull rope, and conductors. Demonstrates how to dead-end and sag conductors. Demonstrates how to tie in conductors.

Energizing and Phasing-In – 10 minutes
Describes how to use a drawing to help determine jumper connections. Describes the basic tasks involved in phasing-in an energized line. Describes and demonstrates how to phase-in two distribution circuits with a high-voltage phasing tool.

Removing Existing Line – 8 minutes
Describes and demonstrates how to complete a lateral line change, and how to remove an existing line.