Demand Metering Concepts - Videos and Related Books



This 33-minute video discusses the need for demand metering and basic demand metering concepts. Examples of power demand by various types of customers are shown. Mechanical, thermal, and solid-state types of demand registers are examined and the principles of demand registration for each type are explained.

Training Sessions

The Demand Concept – 6 minutes
Explains why demand is metered. Defines demand. Identifies three common types of demand registers.

Demand Metering Methods – 10 minutes
Explains the block interval method of metering demand. Explains the lagged method of metering demand.

Mechanical Demand Registers, Part 1 – 5 minutes

Describes a mechanical sweep pointer demand register. Identifies the main components of a mechanical sweep pointer demand register and briefly describes their operation.

Mechanical Demand Registers, Part 2 – 6 minutes
Describes the parts and operation of a mechanical dial readout indicating register and a cumulative demand register.

Electronic Demand Registers – 6 minutes
Describes the basic operation of an electronic demand register. Explains how pulses can be generated to operate an electronic demand register. Describes features that can be programmed in a typical electronic demand register.

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