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Customer Relations and High Bill Complaints - Instant Video



This 30-minute video examines common situations encountered when dealing with customer complaints (usually related to high bills). Emphasis is placed on communication techniques used during problem resolution and on common causes of a bill being higher than normal. Typical high bill complaints are used as examples and attention is focused on how to leave the customer satisfied.

Training Sessions

Customer Relations, Part 1 – 8 minutes
Describes ways in which a meter technician can achieve a proper on-the-job appearance. Describes some of the ways that a meter technician can help ensure a proper level of job preparedness.

Customer Relations, Part 2 – 11 minutes
Explains what job awareness is and why it is important for meter technicians. Describes a proper attitude for a meter technician. Explains why it is important to be knowledgeable about the equipment and procedures used on the job.

High Bill Complaints – 11 minutes
Identifies causes of high electrical bills. Explains how to use the watt-load check method to determine if a meter reading is accurate. Describes a procedure for troubleshooting a high bill complaint at a single-phase residential meter installation.

Item Code: HBI-IV

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