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Climbing Steel Poles & Towers - DVD

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This 44-minute DVD explains the basic principles of safe climbing on steel poles and towers. Introduces techniques for getting into position to do a job on a steel pole or tower. Covers common climbing-related hazards encountered by linemen. Identifies basic climbing equipment and demonstrates how it is used when climbing steel poles and towers. Explains and demonstrates positions for performing specific tasks.

Training Sessions

Climbing Equipment and Hazards – 9 minutes
Lists and explains some of the basic equipment used when climbing steel poles and towers. Identifies common hazards encountered on steel poles and towers.

Pre-Climb Planning and Inspection – 6 minutes
Lists and explains the purpose of the planning done at a tailgate session. Covers some typical inspections made of equipment, tools, and structures prior to climbing.

Climbing Towers – 7 minutes
Describes basic techniques for ascending and descending lattice towers.

Climbing Steel Poles – 6 minutes
Demonstrates and explains some common techniques for climbing steel poles.

Working From Steel Poles – 8 minutes
Explains the basic process for using a cable climbing belt to climb a specially equipped steel pole structure. Explains how ladders can be used to work from steel pole structures.

Working From Towers – 8 minutes
Demonstrates and explains some basic techniques for working from lattice tower structures.

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