Continuous Safety Improvement - DVD

$ 95.00


This 18-minute DVD discusses the steps involved in a typical conductor stringing job. Since linemen don’t string new conductors very often, It provides a valuable overview of common types of conductor stringing, it also describes how workplace accidents can be reduced by continuous safety improvement. The process is described and reinforced by showing numerous real-world examples.

Training Sessions

Introduction – 2 minutes
A utility’s most valuable asset is its operating personnel. Any injury is a waste of human resources. It’s a constant battle to eliminate accidents.

Continuous Safety Improvement – 4 minutes
Every workplace can be made safer through the circular process of continuous safety improvement. How to classify accidents. Even minor incidents can suggest valuable improvements.

Controlling Hazards – 3 minutes
Hazards that can not be eliminated must be controlled. Find a safer alternative. Document, then follow all safe work practices.

Following Safety Procedures – 5 minutes
Most safety procedures were developed in response to accidents. These examples are shown: getting in and out of vehicles, protecting work areas with cones, correctly positioning ladders, shoring to prevent trench cave-ins, electrical safety during tree trimming, entry into confined spaces, meter socket checks.

Building a Positive Safety Culture – 4 minutes
Productivity and safety are allies — not enemies. By focusing on continuous safety improvement, you eliminate substandard practices that are the underlying cause of accidents. Most accidents are preventable.

Item Code: CSI-SAF