The Cable Splicer's Handbook- Ch. 3 Installing Underground Cables

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The Cable Splicer's HandbookTopics in chapter 3 of The Cable Splicer's Handbook are also covered on these videos.

The Cable Splicer's HandbookA set of 11 disks for chapters in the cable splicer's book is available here.

Chapter 3 - Installing Underground Cables

    Direct Burial of URD Cable – 11 minutes
    Describes three methods used for the direct burial of URD cable.

    URD Cable in Conduit – 8 minutes
    Lists and describes the tools needed to pull URD cable in conduit. Demonstrates pulling URD cable in conduit.

    Underground Cable Systems – 12 minutes
    Identifies the steps involved in installing cable in conduit between two manholes. Describes the rigging and equipment used to install cable in conduit between two manholes.

    Cable Removal – 9 minutes
    Demonstrates two methods used to remove underground cable that is to be replaced.

    Safely Installing Direct-Burial, Cable in Conduit – 6 minutes
    Demonstrates how to direct bury underground cable. Explains the advantages of this method in residential, commercial, and light industrial areas. For denser city areas, it shows how to install cable in conduits and vaults

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