Cables and Conductors 2 - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

High Voltage Conductors
Hand-Built Splice
Splice Kit Application
Preparing a Conductor for a Hand-Built Splice
Hand-Built Splice
Training Sessions

High Voltage Conductors – Construction – 6 minutes
Describes the functions of the components of a high-voltage cable, from the inside component out: conductor, shield, insulation, insulator shield, jacket, sheath.

Hand-Built Splice – Operation – 7 minutes
Explains why some cable covers are semi-conducting. Shows how certain layers of a cable relieve voltage stress, dissipate static charge.

Splice Kit Application – 14 minutes
Demonstrates step-by-step procedures for splicing a 13 kV cable with XLP insulation. Shows how to use special tools that make this job easier. Discusses the function of each item in a splice kit. Explains the purpose of a stress cone.

Preparing a Conductor for a Hand-Built Splice – 11 minutes
Demonstrates how to prepare 69 kV cables with cross-linked insulation for a hand-built splice. Demonstrates power tools and hand tools used for this job.

Hand-Built Splice – 8 minutes
Demonstrates the many steps in making a hand-built splice on 69 kV cables. Explains how a hand-built stress cone eases voltage stress in the area of a splice.