The Cable Splicer's Handbook Videos

$ 495.00

The Cable Splicer's HandbookThis set of 11 disks has 55 film clips, organized to match the chapters in The Cable Splicer's Handbook. Some videos closely follow the presentation in the book, others were filmed independently.

Splicing a cable is a lot like surgery-- both jobs require precise hand-skills and technique. These videos show, step by step, the right ways to splice and terminate every type of underground cable. They also show how to install underground cables, how to use specialized cable splicing tools, and how to locate and test cables.

Item Code Chapter Title Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID1 1 Basic Concepts Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID2 2 Safety Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID3 3 Installing Underground Cables Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID4 4 Tools Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID5 5 No disk Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID6 6 Elbow Terminations Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID7 7 Heat-Shrink Splices and Terminations Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID8 8 Cold-Shrink Splices and Terminations Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID9 9 Molded Rubber Splices Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID10 10 Hand-Taped Splices and Terminations Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID11 11 PILC Cable Splices and Terminations Instant Video DVD
CSH-VID12 12 Cable Testing and Maintenance Instant Video DVD
Item Code: 517-SET-DVD