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This 52-minute video explains basic techniques that can be used to operate a bucket truck safely and efficiently. Procedures for setting up and operating a bucket truck at three typical job sites are described. Reviews the basic parts of a bucket truck. Shows how to use the bucket controls to operate the booms. Covers the set up and operation of a bucket truck at a job site.

Training Sessions

Introduction – 11 minutes
Lists three factors that should be considered when setting up a bucket truck at a job site. Describes how a bucket truck can be positioned to reach various parts of a work area. Identifies work surface conditions that may not withstand the weight of a bucket truck. Explains how a bucket truck should be positioned on a slope. Describes the general principles of traffic control around a work site.

Bucket Truck Placement, Part 1 – 6 minutes
Explains how to safely position a bucket truck on a divided highway. Using traffic cones and signs, defines a work area in the curb lane of a curved divided highway.

Bucket Truck Operation, Part 1 – 7 minutes
How to set the hydraulic system controls on a bucket truck to power the lift. Describes how to safely maneuver a bucket to and from a work area. Demonstrates the appropriate safety procedures that should be observed when working from a bucket.

Outriggers – 12 minutes
Describes the functions of outriggers. Identifies the three basic parts of a typical outrigger. Explains how telescopic, folding, and two-stage outriggers operate. Shows how to use outriggers to stabilize and/or level a bucket truck and safely position a bucket truck with outriggers at an unpaved job site.

Bucket Truck Placement, Part 2 – 6 minutes
Describes factors that should be considered when setting up a bucket truck at an intersection. Demonstrates where cones and signs should be placed at a job site that is located in an intersection.

Bucket Truck Operation, Part 2 – 10 minutes
Describes factors that should be considered to avoid overloading a bucket. Demonstrates how a hand line is used in safe bucket truck operation. Demonstrates safe operation of hydraulic tools from a bucket truck. Describes the role of the crew member on the ground in bucket truck operation.

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