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This 24-minute video covers the basic principles of hydraulics. It describes how hydraulic systems work, how to inspect them, and delivers tips for their safe operation. 

Training Sessions

Introduction– 5 minutes
Explains Pascal’s principle of hydraulic pressure. Shows why hydraulic systems are especially useful for electric utility workers -– they are flexible, and do not readily conduct electricity.

A Basic System – 3 minutes
Demonstrates basic hydraulic operating principles. Describes the functions of the main components of a hydraulic system: the pump, control valve, piston, and reservoir.

Protective Devices – 5 minutes
Discusses protective devices and hydraulic system maintenance. Covers relief valves, holding valves, fluid filters, magnetic plugs, air filters, and anti-vacuum relief valves.

Pre Trip Inspection – 4 minutes
How to inspect a truck. Checking the hydraulic system maintenance log, fluid level, breather cap filter. How to inspect hydraulic fluid for the presence of water, overheating, and signs of abnormal wear of internal parts. Visual inspections for hydraulic leaks.

Setup & Holding Valves – 5 minutes
How to set up a vehicle to create a stable working platform. Checking the holding valves on outriggers, bucket truck booms, and digger derrick booms.

Operating Tips – 3 minutes
How to warm up the system. Avoiding over pressuring the system. Working in unfamiliar situations where the controls may be reversed.

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