High Voltage - DVD

This exciting, inspiring, entertaining 50-minute DVD shows linemen replacing insulators on transmission towers, conducting helicopter operations, and restoring power during forest fires, 100 mph winds, rain storms, ice storms, and earthquakes.

One session shows how linemen rescue a worker from the center conductor of an energized 500 kV transmission line. The action is filmed from the ground, from a boom truck adjacent to the lines, and from helmet cameras attached to linemen up on the tower.

Another session shows linemen moving distribution poles and energized lines along a highway, so it can be widened.

It has fascinating historical photos and film clips which document the advances in technology and safety equipment since the early days, when 1 out of every 2 linemen was killed on the job.

Here’s the message of this DVD: Linemen are a unique breed, with a special bond amongst them. The job is heroic and dangerous, and always a source of accomplishment and companionship.

50 minutes, by The History Channel

Item Code: 790

$ 24.95