Basic Line & Equipment Skills - Instructor Guide

This package is the instructor guide for teaching a course based on Basic Line and Equipment Skills. It helps instructors deliver a comprehensive, fast-paced pre-apprentice course for entry-level students interested in a career as a lineworker. The product consists of a book and 13 disks.

The book includes information on building a new training site, including a list of recommended equipment with a budget, day-by-day course schedules, test questions and answer keys, student evaluation forms, speaker notes for PowerPoints also on disks, and several student handouts. The book is in a 3-ring binder which allows instructors to add supplementary material if they wish.

The disks support training from the book: PDFs of the student and instructor books for local printing of handouts, quizzes, and answer keys. PowerPoints covering basic electricity, overhead and underground line materials, distribution transformers, pole climbing, safe handling of poles, and working with vehicles are in the package. Full-motion DVDs demonstrate fall protection equipment and inspection, sharpening climbing hooks, climbing skills, pole top rescue, pole pulling techniques, fire safety, and fire extinguishers.  Also included are installing overhead automatic conductor splices, cellphone usage hazards, installing outdoor lighting, loadbuster operation and maintenance, and how to install meters safely.

138 pages, 13 disks, by Georgia Power and Alexander Publications

Item Code: 500-INS

$ 495.00